Studio 350 is HMC's most versatile space, suitable for video, photo and audio recording.


  • Available for professional-quality audio, photo and video productions
  • Fully acoustically isolated and treated professional audio, photo, and video recording studio. 
  • The core of the HMC Studio Complex and main live recording room.
  • Best used for single person on-camera interviews, photo sessions, or simple audio recordings.
  • Sony Z150 XDcam 4K camcorder standard in the space.
    • Teleprompter available upon request. Additional or different cameras can be rented as well. Please see our rental menu 
  • Overhead lighting grid with LED and fluorescent lighting available for setup.
  • Four photo and video backdrops 
    • Solid white, key green, black, and grey marble.
  • AudioTechnica AT3035 and/or Shure SM7b microphones standard in the space.
    • Additional models of microphones are available upon request.
  • Can be reserved individually, or alongside Studio 350a and Studio 352 for more complex recording situations.
  • Analog and digital audio and video tie lines between all studios for complex routing. 
  • 27” Apple iMac computer with the full Adobe Creative Suite, GarageBand, and Audacity for any post-production needs. 
  • Reservations require a minimum of 72 hours notice. Please contact Jeff Allen ( for production consultations or if you have any questions.
  • Additional training may be required for self-service use.



Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen

Media Technology Manager

Jeff manages the Harvey Media Center and the center’s media and A/V technology.

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