Five unique media production spaces located on the third floor of the DUC


Harvey Media Center Studios

  • Studio 350 (DUC 350) and the HMC Video Studio (DUC 357) will be unavailable for the duration of the Fall 2020 semester.
  • The Cassilly Media Lab and HMC Media Plaza will not be available for reservations or group meetings for the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Studio 352 (Podcast Studio) will be available for voiceover or production worked performed by a single individual. Only one individual will be allowed in the studio at any time.
  • Studio 350a (Studio 350 Control Room) will be available for production work performed by a single individual, or voiceover work between two individuals.
  • All space reservations and equipment rental requests not part of an event must be submitted through the Project Proposal Form.
  • All approved reservations must occur within the building hours of the Danforth University Center.
  • Reservation time limits may be imposed.
Studio 350 is HMC's most versatile space, suitable for video, photo and audio recording.

Studio 350

This versatile studio is soundproofed and features a variety of photo/video backdrops, lighting rail system, an audio tie-in system, as well as an audio mastering control room and voiceover booth.

The HMC Podcast Studio is the premier spot on campus to record a podcast.

Podcast Studio

Our plug-n-play vocal recording studio allows podcasters of any skill level to produce clean, crisp audio in minutes.

Media Lab

Open 24/7 to print media student groups and Monday-Friday during business hours to all WashU students, the Media Lab features four extended-display iMacs, each with the full Adobe Creative Suite. No reservation required!

350A Control Room

Our control room is fully soundproofed and features a voiceover booth, recording tie-ins to our other studios, the Pro Tools software suite for audio mastering, and high-end Yamaha monitors.

Video Studio

Our largest studio space, the video studio is ideal for larger and livestream productions. It includes an interview set, chromakey wall, and a control room with 10-camera switcher.

Media Plaza

This comfortable media space features chalkboard and white board walls and plenty of table and soft seating.