Photo services are unavailable as part of  the university’s response  to COVID-19.  This will remain in effect until  the heightened health and  safety restrictions are lifted.

Applying for a passport or renewing your old one? Working abroad and need to submit a photo for your visa? Need a pic for your MPRE or other exam?

Harvey Media Center offers passport, visa and other identification photo services to WashU Danforth campus students, faculty, and staff—starting at $5 for two printed copies of your photo. Now accepting Bear Bucks, credit/debit and cash!

ID photos are taken in DUC Studio 350 by appointment only. This service is typically very busy, so it is important to arrive on time. Late arrivals may be required to reschedule for another time and/or day. Only one person per booking is allowed, out of respect for other clients’ time.

The fine print:

This service is available only to WashU students, staff and faculty on the Danforth campus (anyone not directly affiliated with the university, e.g. family members, may not use this service). Please be prepared to show your university ID. Only one person per booking is allowed. ID photos are taken in Studio 350, on the third floor of the Danforth University Center (DUC). Availability of this service is limited when fall and spring classes are not in session. Appointments must be made in advance, and are only available during the time slots listed on our scheduling page.

Common passport/ID photos comply with United States standards — 2 inches x 2 inches. These are also used for most exams that require them, such as the MPRE. The next most common standard is used by European Union nations — 35mm wide by 45mm tall. Photos can be printed to the requirements of other nations, at your request — but you must provide that country’s requirements (as found on that country’s state department or government website, to ensure accurate information).

Clients will be provided both a digital copy and two printed copies, which are ready either immediately or made available later for pickup, at a cost of $5 (payable by Bear Bucks, credit card, or cash at the time of photo). Each additional set of two printed copies costs $5. This service is only for WashU students, faculty, and staff—sorry, no family members. Please bring your WashU ID for verification.

Have an ID photo we took for you or one that was taken elsewhere? We can reprint them for you (when photos comply with federal requirements) at a cost of $5/two copies. Please note that for US passport and visa applications, the photo must be less than six months old. Email to inquire about reprints.